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The Hospital General Universitario Santa Lucía from Cartagena (Spain) has developed the following applications with OpenXava: Management and monitoring of indicators of the management agreements of the pact between hospitals and the health service authorities. Automated management and delivery of hospital indicators sent monthly to hospital care services. Management of the waiting list to grant parking. Application to report on the sending of group and community activities carried out by health centers in the context of an indicator of the management agreement, this application addressed and solved the management of sending a large number of papers that later had to be analyze Application to automate the request for leaves to the staff of the health centers that manage the hospital, there is a chain of validation until the request is approved and possible substitution. Application for the automation of COVID activity and statistics that is prepared and distributed to different recipients (hospital management, etc.).

When we asked Francisco Alcántara Zapata, from the hospital IT department, about their experience with OpenXava he says:

"Our level of satisfaction and that of users is very high due to the great ease and flexibility in searching for information and the adaptation of the menus to each profile, among other aspects. The fundamental activity of the IT department in the hospital is not the development of applications, but we have implemented a development line for medium-sized projects and we are very happy with the speed of development. We are a public hospital organization with many professionals and the largest health area in the Region of Murcia, so user management with XavaPro helps us a lot."

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