April 3, 2019

XavaPro 6.1 released

XavaPro 6.1 has the next new features:

  • History module for audit trail of data changes.
  • Ordering in list for mobile UI.
  • Folder module allows to sort the folders and modules of root folder.
  • On creating a new organization folders, roles and rights are copied from root organization.
  • Includes OpenXava 6.1.
  • Fix: Any error populating an organization precludes the application to start. 

March 27, 2019

OpenXava 6.1 released

Traditionally in each new major version of OpenXava we upgrade all the libraries and drop support for old versions of servers, Java, etc. However, for version 6 we delivered a user-centric version and left out the traditional libraries upgrading. Therefore, we have done this upgrading for 6.1. So, version 6.1 is really a version 6.0 part 2. Mainly this new version drops Java 6 (and 7) support. This was indispensable to upgrade the third-party libraries given currently there is no libraries with Java 6 support. This means the we no longer support WebSphere 8, but also means the we can enjoy new useful features such as repeatable annotations, LocalDate or JPA 2.2.

We invite you to download it and upgrade your OpenXava applications. Look at the migration instructions.

March 11, 2019

An example of custom visual style

OpenXava 6 includes two visual themes, Terra and Light. But if you think that Light theme is too classic and Terra theme is too brown, or just you need to use the corporate visual style of your company or customer, don't worry. Creating a new style for OpenXava is easy. Have a look at the next video where a developer presents his OpenXava application. The audio is in Spanish, just ignore it and note the visual appearance.

February 19, 2019

iArchiva: Enterprise Content Management

iArchiva is an intelligent content management system for digitalization and automatic classification of documents. The admin interface, the biometric signature platform and auditing have been developed with OpenXava. iArchiva is used by more than 50 Spanish companies, including big companies, public administrations and banks.

February 12, 2019

New OpenXava site

After a million of years using Liferay to power our beloved site we have decided to create a new site, from scratch, using raw technology.

The new site is responsive, fast as hell, uses the look & feel of OpenXava applications and works nicely with mobile devices. We have made it with HTML, CSS, JSPs and Servlets, without any Java or JavaScript library, not even jQuery.

Moreover, we don't use cookies (well, just the technical ones from Tomcat), so you will not get the annoying cookies dialog of 100% of the internet sites. We prefer don't to use Google Analytics and improving the user happiness instead.

January 24, 2019

A new version of XavaPro is available

XavaPro 6.0.2 is a maintenance version with several bug fixes:

  • Includes OpenXava 6.0.2.
  • Some security fixes.
  • Fix: Date editor goes outside frame in mobile UI.
  • Fix: Buttons are ugly on iPhone.
  • Fix: Excluded data can be added customizing the list if they are second level or more. 

January 23, 2019

OpenXava 6.0.2 released

This is a maintenance version with many bug fixes and some small improvements.

We invite you to download it and upgrade your OpenXava applications. Look at the migration instructions.

January 16, 2019

XavaPro Corporate edition

We present you a new edition for XavaPro, the Corporate edition. This edition has all the features of XavaPro Enterprise for teams plus quick support via email and priority in bug resolution.

We have noted that all customers that buy professional support also buy XavaPro Enterprise for Teams, with no exception. Moreover, they also asked for priority in bug resolution. Therefore, we have included all in a unique offer, XavaPro Corporate.

XavaPro Corporate includes:

  • 10 developers seats.
  • Full features.
  • 1 year of upgrades.
  • Full source code.
  • Quick private support via email.
  • Priority for bug resolution.