October 13, 2020

ZX-Ed: Open source database editor

ZX-Ed is a database editor and script generator for ZXDB. ZXDB is an open database containing historical information of software, hardware, magazines and books about ZX-Spectrum and related machines. It's currently the most widely used Sinclair related database, feeding several Spectrum websites, an open API at ZXInfo, and the mobile application Zx App that uses this API. It's also used as index reference by a dozen different websites and services. ZX-Ed is open source and available on GitHub. It was created by Einar Saukas using OpenXava.

When we asked Einar why he chose OpenXava he tells us:

"I needed a CRUD for an already existing, fairly complex database. However most existing tools and frameworks impose severe restrictions on the database structure they can handle, so they are not much viable in practice. After comparing several CRUD design solutions, I believe that OpenXava provides the best tradeoff between flexibility and productivity. You only need to generate and maintain entity code (that can match any database model), and everything else is optional (OpenXava provides an appropriate default behavior for everything else)."

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