March 2, 2021

XavaPro 6.5 released

XavaPro 6.5 has the next new features:

  • Hiding modules in the left menu for roles without restricting them.
  • List queries saved in the desktop for a module are available in mobile.
  • Native date chooser for date properties in mobile UI.
  • @Action for references supported in mobile UI.
  • In the Roles module you can see and manage the list of users by each role.
  • LDAP users have not the option of recovering password if they forget it.
  • LDAP users have no access to the change password module.
  • Page header in PDF reports contains the organization name.
  • Includes OpenXava 6.5.
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Hiding modules in menu without restricting them

You, the soldiers of the XavaPro trenches, have asked this many times. Here it is at last. When you mark a module as hidden or remove it from a role, that module is not shown in the menu, but also it is not accessible in other ways, like typing the URL in the browser or redirecting to it. This is the way XavaPro always has worked, and we're not going to change it. However, many times you want that a module would be not present in the menu and at the same time, that module should be accessible, perhaps you use it in a collection or reference, where you want even to create or modify data, or you want to redirect to that module from an action.
From now on, If you want that a module will not be shown in the menu for users of certain roles but at the same time that module would be accessible by those users, typing the URL in the browser, for example. Go to the Roles module and choose that role to edit in detail mode, once there click on the module you want to hide in the menu, and a dialog like the next one will appear:

Check the Not in menu option and click on SAVE. From now on, all the users of that role will not see the module, Customer in our example, in the left menu, however it will be still accessible, so if the user goes to with his browser the module will work.

List queries saved for a module available in mobile

All the queries your user have executed and saved in desktop, those he can choose again from a combo in list mode, ...

...are available for the user in mobile:

In this way, we have advanced queries in mobile without complicating the user interface.

Native date fields in mobile

In v6.5 the native date picker is used for date fields in mobile devices. For example, in Android when you edit a date you get something like this:

Therefore, the date editor for mobile is no longer the one used in the desktop and it depends on the version of the operating system of the mobile device.

@Action for references in mobile

In order to keep the mobile UI simple and easy to use, until now it has not included the custom reference actions (those indicated by @Action). However, many of you have asked for them. So, since v6.5 @Action(s) are shown in mobile too. That is, you have an action in your reference like this:

    private Customer customer;

The Invoice.clearCustomer action will be available in the customer reference in mobile:

Try it yourself

Demo: (User: demo, Password: demo)

If you want to try the admin features reply to this email asking for the admin password.
If you want to try the mobile features access to above URL using your mobile phone.

To learn more go to the XavaPro page.

If you're an Enterprise customer you will receive an email with the upgraded Enterprise edition.

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