January 19, 2021

University software made with OpenXava

The Gastón Dachary University of Misiones (Argentina) has developed two application portals using OpenXava. The first one for students and teachers that allows them to do all needed procedures with the university. The second portal of the university includes the Academic Management Systems and Administrative Management Systems for internal staff. The systems developed with OpenXava for the university cover student management from the moment they are interested in an academic offer, through the management of their degree course, to the management and issuance of their degrees.

Germán Beltrán tells us about his arduous journey to OpenXava:

"1. We are trying to develop a Student system with Java + JSP + Postgresql + Tomcat trying to propose a new totally object-oriented model, so that you have an idea; here we use Hibernate and assemble the persistence XML by hand.

2. We tested with JavaEE, for this we developed a smaller project, the first Student CRM, for this we use Java, JSF with IceFaces, we continue with Postgresql for the database and since it was JavaEE we always use Glassfish with the free versions developed by the community. Conclusion: we saw IceFaces (the free one) limited in terms of the components available to build the GUIs, we continued to maintain the idea of ​​a new totally object-oriented model.

3. We test PrimeFaces; It was more complete, here we started again with the development of Students reusing and extending the business model of (1) changing to a JavaEE project, here we already used JPA, etc. Although developers came and went in each attempt, in this last one we were only 2 people in the area. and more specifically in development only one (me). I stopped developing the Student CRM and started looking for "how to" to develop software with very small teams. We started and tested Symfony, since everyone was talking about it. It was hard for Java programmers. Later in the same vein we tried Grails, I liked it, but it didn't convince me, if the business model changed (every day around here) it also involved a lot of refactoring the GUI.

4. Finally, we tried OpenXava, a framework that uses MDD, I modify the Business Model and with little work the GUI accompanies the changes, I can carry out CRUD applications quite quickly,  with a short learning curve. Today it also allowed us to incorporate programmers who are productive in the medium term.

OpenXava is what has allowed us not to lose heart in the UGD systems area."

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