June 13, 2023

Spring Boot with OpenXava

Now you can integrate Spring Boot with OpenXava.

Spring Boot is possibly the most popular Java framework nowadays. OpenXava and Spring Boot serve different purposes. Spring Boot provides technical and infrastructure functionality. It is a generic foundation for building any type of application, although you still need to write a significant amount of code to get your application up and running. On the other hand, OpenXava focuses on producing a specific type of application, namely, enterprise data management applications, with automatically generated user interfaces included. OpenXava allows you to have a ready-to-use application with minimal code writing.

Given that OpenXava is now based on Maven, it is very easy to integrate it with other Java libraries and frameworks, including Spring Boot. The integration of OpenXava with Spring Boot has two potential advantages:

  1. If you already have a Spring Boot application using JPA, you can easily provide it with a user interface by adding OpenXava, or...
  2. If you are already familiar and comfortable with Spring Boot, you can make your OpenXava application based on Spring Boot.

We invite you to follow the new guide that shows how to integrate Spring Boot with OpenXava:

Integration Guide: OpenXava with Spring Boot

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