March 15, 2023

Quality control for a sugar factory

Eneragro is an Ecuadorian company that produces sugar, cane molasses, and coconut water, with a quality management system that complies with ISO 9001:2015 standards and BPM (ARCSA, AGROCALIDAD, and ACUACULTURA) standards for excellent manufacturing practices. Eneragro's laboratory uses an application developed with OpenXava for quality management. It is a complex application that includes daily data management, times, primary variables, factory calculations, consumption, factory inputs, routine and special analysis, as well as a multitude of reports. An interesting feature of this application is that it allows data to be uploaded from Excel templates.

When we asked Carlos PĂ©rez, the developer behind this project, why he chose OpenXava, he says:
"Because it is very fast to develop web apps, it is very productive."

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