September 15, 2022

OpenXava Studio 7 available

OpenXava Studio 7 is already available for download, with Eclipse core upgraded to latest version, 2022-06, JRE upgraded to 11.0.16, new colorful icons, and support for Maven.

Next week we’ll release the version 7.0 of OpenXava framework and we’ll give you more details about this new version and how to migrate your current applications. In the meantime, download the OpenXava Studio 7, create a new project with it, and start to experiment with the new OpenXava.

Download OpenXava Studio 7 for Windows
Download OpenXava Studio 7 for Linux
Download OpenXava Studio 7 for Mac

Maven support

Until now, the OpenXava distribution, the zip that you download from the internet, includes everything. The OpenXava code, the complete documentation, IDE (the OpenXava Studio) and a workspace configured to start to work, everything. Until now. 

Now, things have changed, the new version is based on Maven. If you don’t know Maven, Maven allows you to get the code of all the libraries and frameworks you need from a central repository, called Maven Central. You only have to indicate the name of the library and the version, and the library and its dependencies are downloaded automatically from Maven Central. 

It means that from now on you will not download OpenXava from or SourceForge anymore, you’ll get it from the Maven repository instead. If you want to access the source code of OpenXava you can get it from GitHub at any moment. The documentation is always available in and also in the GitHub repository.

However, you can still download the OpenXava Studio from or SourceForge. The new OpenXava Studio 7 is only the IDE, it does not contain the OpenXava code. When you create a new project from the Studio it uses the latest version available from Maven Central, and you can work with several OpenXava projects of different versions with the same OpenXava Studio version.

So now the cadence of OpenXava Studio releases will be different from the OpenXava framework. We’ll release new versions of the OpenXava framework each few weeks via Maven, on the other hand we’ll release new versions of OpenXava Studio every many months.

In this case we already have released OpenXava Studio 7, a week before OpenXava 7.0, because OpenXava Studio can work with the 7.0RC1 version of OpenXava that is already in Maven Central.

Colorful icons

Icons in OpenXava Studio are no longer monochrome. The change is not just an aesthetic improvement, it’s a way to improve user experience, because colors, at least in an IDE, have meaning. For example, in the Overview view of OpenXava Studio 6 you get:

While in OpenXava Studio 7 you get:

Note as the colors of members (red, yellow or green) indicate if they are private, protected or public. Other examples are the green for Run button or the red for the Stop button.

Download OpenXava Studio 7 for Windows
Download OpenXava Studio 7 for Linux
Download OpenXava Studio 7 for Mac

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