July 25, 2022

OpenXava in Chinese

Historically OpenXava documentation has been available in English, Spanish, Russian, French and Chinese. However, the latter three were contributed by the community and no longer maintained. Therefore, newcomers using Russian, French or Chinese found documentation obsolete and that did not match with the current OpenXava version, producing a less than optimal learning experience. To fix this, we have decided to completely remove the Russian and French versionS, so Russian and French developers can use the always up-to-date English docs. 

About Chinese, we're translating from scratch directly from the Spanish (up-to-date) documentation to Chinese by a member of our team that is native in both languages. Moreover, we're going to maintain Chinese documentation up-to-date, at the same level as English and Spanish counterparts.

Also, we have translated the complete site to Chinese and version 7.0 will have all labels and messages included in OpenXava in Chinese.

We already have many lessons from the OpenXava course translated to Chinese, if you know Chinese we invite you to have a look.

Take a look at the OpenXava Course in Chinese

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