June 17, 2024

OpenXava 7.3.3 released

This is a maintenance version with many bug fixes and some small improvements.

To update edit the pom.xml file in your project and change the value of the openxava.version property, in this way:


Then rebuild your project:

  • With OpenXava Studio:
    • Right mouse button in your project > Run As > Maven clean
    • Right mouse button in your project > Run As > Maven install
  • Or with command line: mvn clean package

Look at the migration instructions.


We have done some improvements:

  • New Maven archetypes "openxava-project-management-archetype" in English and Spanish (-spanish).
  • New Maven archetypes "openxava-crm-archetype" in English and Spanish (-spanish).
  • Maven install and package now skip tests by default in new created projects and openxavatest.
  • Some new common use labels to be used in applications.

Upgraded libraries

We have upgraded the following third party libraries:

  • Commons Validator upgraded to 1.9.0.
  • HSQLDB embedded database upgraded to 2.7.3.

Bug fixes

We have done many fixes:

  • Fix: Module broken when field content has dollar followed by curly brackets.
  • Fix: Calling to Tab.setTabName() or Tab.setBaseCondition() does not go to the first page automatically.
  • Fix: Style of the just unselected row not restored in single selection lists, those with radio buttons. 
  • Fix: @DescriptionsList shows incorrect data if there are keys with the same value in lower and uppercase. 
  • Fix: Removing a row from an @ElementCollection not persisted if the row contains a boolean.
  • Fix: Editors for annotations do not work for references and collections. 
  • Fix: Icon in date fields and @DescriptionsList not visible on hover inside dialog in Dark theme.
  • Fix: List data inside dialog not readable in Dark theme. 
  • Fix: The color for the list data in the dialog is not the same as without the dialog.
  • Fix: Unused CSS from old Yahoo TreeView JS component loaded.
  • Fix: Reference search with dialog in the last line of an @ElementCollection alters previous row reference.
  • Fix: Cannot assign value to a reference with 0 as key because the reference is cleaned from the view.
  • Fix: Original error messages from database constraints or triggers are not shown to the user. 

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