July 13, 2021

OpenXava 6.5.3 released

This is a maintenance version with many bug fixes and some small improvements.

We invite you to download it and upgrade your OpenXava applications. Look at the migration instructions.

Download OpenXava 6.5.3 for Windows
Download OpenXava 6.5.3 for Linux
Download OpenXava 6.5.3 for Mac

Small improvements

We have done some small improvements:

  • Getting Started guide includes video. 
  • Welcome page on starting OpenXava Studio simplified.
  • Documentation about @Calculation in Reference Guide (Model chapter) improved.
  • Database configuration documentation improved.
  • RequestReseter logic moved to a @WebListener.

Bug fixes

This is a maintenance version with many bug fixes:

  • Fix: @Calculation total property in @ElementCollection depending on summation not updated sometimes.
  • Fix: @ElementCollection summation not updated when the user changes values in the column of the summation. 
  • Fix: BigInteger properties are not treated as numeric values.
  • Fix: Dates ending with separator, like in Serbian, are incorrectly altered when modified. 
  • Fix: @ReadOnly(onCreate=false) did not work on references.
  • Fix: Unneeded AJAX loading of editors in some cases with @ReadOnly(onCreate=false), 
  • Fix: Read only enums not displayed completely when @Column(length=) with a low value is used.
  • Fix: Broken links in Model documentation of Reference Guide.
  • Fix: Changing in 'My reports' a comparison in a date from = to year = does not save the value of the year.     
  • Fix: Editing a date field comparing by year in 'My reports' does not show the year. 
  • Fix: Collection inside a section produces infinite loop if the collection element has recursive reference.
  • Fix: Date editor does not work well when locale format has the year at beginning, like in South Africa.
  • Fix: @ReadOnly ignored when using inside sections or groups with view inheritance.
  • Fix: Adding an element in a recursive collection that is also inside another collection fails.
  • Fix: @ReadOnly collections data not visible with Dark theme.
  • Fix: base.css is not refreshed by browser after updating OpenXava version.
  • Fix: File name for PDF generation and CSV export not encoded, so sometimes local characters are missed.
  • Fix: PDF reports do not work with Cp1250 encoding used by some Central and Eastern European languages.
  • Fix: Model name not translated in creation messages when key is included in the message.
  • Fix: @Calculation properties does not include thousand separators just after being calculated.
  • Fix: New action does not clear combo value on references with @DescriptionsList(showReferenceView=true).
  • Fix: @DescriptionsList(showReferenceView=true) does not refresh combo value navigating between records.
  • Fix: @AssertTrue throws error if has a message with a property with null value.
Download OpenXava 6.5.3 for Windows
Download OpenXava 6.5.3 for Linux
Download OpenXava 6.5.3 for Mac

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