May 14, 2019

OpenXava 6.1.1 released

This is a maintenance version with many bug fixes and some small improvements.

We invite you to download it and upgrade your OpenXava applications. Look at the migration instructions.

Download OpenXava 6.1.1

Small improvements

We have done some small improvements:

  • First module page load is done via AJAX.
  • Source code migrated to GitHub (
  • New openxava.base.dir property available in build.xml to have OpenXava/Addons in a different folder.

Bug fixes

This is a maintenance version with many bug fixes:

  • Fix: New action executes the @OnChange actions from properties not defined in the view.
  • Fix: Radio buttons are not displayed.
  • Fix: The tooltip for HTML_TEXT in list does not show the whole field content. 
  • Fix: updateSchema produces an error of user and password not specified.
  • Fix: updateOX fails to update the Addons jar in windows from time to time.
  • Fix: XPersistence.setDefaultSchema() does not work with MySQL.
  • Fix: Labels.put() does not work.
  • Fix: Some details in the course are not adapted to recent versions. 
  • Fix: Tab.setBaseCondition() on change module keeps the last user condition in that module.
  • Fix: Tab.setBaseCondition() does not take effect on change module until clicking on filter button.
  • Fix: Tab.setBaseCondition() does not change the current filtering configuration in combo.
  • Fix: Throwing org.openxava.validators.ValidationException from @PreUpdate shows a transaction error.
  • Fix: Values are not correctly obtained with an @ElementCollection with only booleans. 
  • Fix: @ElementCollection with a @DefaultValueCalculator property fails if property is not present.
  • Fix: When page loaded slowly the user can click actions before page initialization that fails.
  • Fix: JavaScript of IJavaScriptPostAction is not executed on browser page refresh. 
  • Fix: Moving a column when customizing a list produces an error dialog and it is not persisted.
Download OpenXava 6.1.1

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