June 15, 2020

Online Management Systems for Schools

Your Nine Nine, a company from South Africa, has created SmartFin99 using OpenXava. SmartFin99 is a solution built to fulfill the financial management of schools. The financial management of a school is unique so a typical company financial management software package creates a lot of bidden to schools trying to fit the financial management of a company in school environments. SmartFin99 was built from the ground to fulfill the school needs. It takes away all the manual and repetitive work allowing the school administration to be easy and smooth.

When we asked Lenkwe Makhubela from Your Nine Nine Pty why they chose OpenXava he tells us:

"OpenXava has enabled our company to focus on fulfilling the clients requirements and delivering in much faster speed than the normal software development cycle. We needed to deliver solutions with very minimal resources. We didn't have to worry much about application security, performance, and building components of SAAS as our tests have proven that OpenXava was well covered in those areas."

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