May 10, 2021

Ministry of Finance with OpenXava

The Ministry of Finance and Public Credit of the Republic of Nicaragua has developed, using OpenXava, a web application called Integrated Public Credit Sub-System (SICP), through which operations are carried out to manage the public debt of the Central Government of Nicaragua, such as: control of external loan disbursements, income from internal loans, projections for the calculation of the payment and debt payments. The SICP extracts information from the Debt Management and Analysis System (SIGADE) developed by UNCTAD and the Government Securities Administration System (SATVG) and interoperates with the Integrated Financial Administrative Management System (SIGAF).

When we asked José Díaz, Development Manager in Ministry of Finance, why they chose OpenXava he tells us:

  1. "Because of the speed of development. A RAD was required in order to accelerate the delivery of a quality product in a short time. For this, it was verified, through a prototype, with what speed a catalog, master / detail type applications and applications with calculations were generated within their fields. The results obtained in terms of productivity due to the ease of use and the performance of the products were significant."
  2. "Because of the development platform. It was required to develop web applications based on Java technology, in accordance with the policy adopted by the General Directorate of Technology within the framework of the development strategy."
  3. Extensibility capacity. Despite the fact that a large part of the code was generated at runtime, it was necessary to check if it was possible to extend, implement new behavior, in order to achieve the requirements associated with the business rules. It was found that it could extend, catch events, extend behavior, overload and overwrite.
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