November 23, 2020

Coruña Harbor Market with OpenXava

S2 Informática has computerized the A Coruña Harbor Market (Spain) using JavaFX, JasperReports, Microsoft SQL Server and OpenXava. JavaFX applications are used by touch screens from which they do the weighing of the ships, the sale of ice and the collection of empty boxes. These applications share the database with the OpenXava application and when they weigh, sell ice, collect boxes on touch computers, users in the office can view in real time the data in the OpenXava web application, and can even add records to master files such as Ships, Species, Customers, etc.

When we asked Alberto Pallas from S2 Informática about OpenXava he said:

"It works very well and since version 6, the user interface has improved a lot, the user permissions are super cool and the performance is very good."

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