November 25, 2019

Modern web apps without JavaScript

Kwivira, a software company from Virginia (United States), is an example of how it is not needed to be experts in JavaScript, HTML and CSS to do web development. They have built two modern web applications using OpenXava. The first, BOSS, is an enterprise request management system designed to be an onboarding tool where a company can hire a new employee and use the application to send messages to all people involved in the hiring process to insure the new employee gets all the tools they need to do the job. The second, EADAN (Event Automation and Data Analysis) is a monitoring application for small to medium size companies to understand better what is happening in their network without having to spend months and hundreds of thousands of dollars.

When we ask David Fisher, the Kwivira CTO, why he chose OpenXava, he tells us:

"I am not really a Front End developer, I am mostly a backend developer. So, although I can write Java code to create an interface I felt I needed a tool to speed up the process. I found OpenXava and after looking at it felt it was the best tool for what I wanted. I had already decided to do all the work in Java. So we started with the basic version (free) and within a month I had a running prototype. After two and a half months I had the first FULL Beta version of BOSS running on an Amazon Cloud Server as a SaaS application."

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