January 18, 2022

From Struts 2 MVC to OpenXava

Datta Enterprises is an Indian company owned by Bhosle Group with a legacy of more than 70 years and engaged in exports of packaging machines and high precision machine components to Europe and Japan. The apex goal of the company has always been Lean Manufacturing with comprehensive automated control over the business processes in its entirety with minimal human intervention. The ERP is more proactive than reactive, making the management prognosis problems and taking corrective measures before they occur rather than fire-fighting the incidents. The ERP has helped the company to engage minimal workforce, control costs, maintain transparency to the customers as well as the statutory compliance without affecting the product pricing. OpenXava helped develop the ERP with the team concentrating more on building business logic rather than engaging in technical programming details. Thanks to the Business Objects of OpenXava, the entire ERP was developed by just three people, a designer, a developer and a tester. The project went into production on the designated date.

When we asked Ajay Narke, principal developer for the project, why they moved from Struts 2 MVC to OpenXava, he says:

"I shifted from Struts 2 MVC framework to OpenXava as I found working with Business Objects of OpenXava accelerated the development to the fullest throttle."

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