March 16, 2020

Intelligent Transport Systems with OpenXava

Concepts & Services Consulting is a German company that has developed a set of applications for Automotive and ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems). The product installed in a vehicle performs bidirectional communication and data translation according to ISO standards. The Open Driving Platform Studio is developed with OpenXava to create all the data required by the product installed in the vehicle and other connected applications. They have support from large aftermarket organizations in Europe and the USA. They are trying to have direct access to the vehicle’s sensor and control network, roadside station sensor and control network, and smartphone sensor and control network in order to enable all devices to exchange any data in the same data format.

When we asked the founder, Gangolf Feiter, why they chose OpenXava he tells us:

"We are not JavaScript experts and do not want to be. At the beginning of the project we decided to have a database and browser GUI. Thomas, the senior developer who did the initial development, is the Java expert and we found out that OpenXava is the perfect tooling to design the database with MySQL and the frontend. We really like the annotation concept you introduced for Java.

The generation of the browser frontend has saved us a huge amount of hours even though it has some deficiencies when you want to include some dynamics while you edit data via the GUI. We have integrated JQWidgets for that purpose.

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