November 6, 2023

Management of archaeological sites

Oppida, a Spanish archaeological and heritage consultancy, has created INSTRUMENTA using OpenXava. INSTRUMENTA is a collaborative database designed for inventory management and online support for archaeology professionals. It implements a series of forms for data input and presentation of archaeological site information, allowing the management of thousands of records for stratigraphic units, inventory materials such as ceramics, bone, organic matter, stone, glass, and metal. It also manages information related to 3D models and the restoration of archaeological artifacts. It enables different specialists to work on the same artifact simultaneously, providing assessments, data, and insights about it.

When we asked José Luis Fuentes, the Oppida CEO, why they chose OpenXava, he says:
"It is an open architecture that is constantly updated and prevents the obsolescence of applications, as its databases are independent of the interface that manages them. Thanks to this feature, it can be supported on any type of hardware, adding flexibility to the programming processes, as different applications developed in different environments will work in the same way within the system."

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