February 10, 2020

From Visual FoxPro to OpenXava

Aletti & Asociados has developed with OpenXava the purchasing software for Construmex S.A, an Argentinian company with construction projects distributed across the country. The purshasing application is a customized system that includes all the steps from purchase request to goods arrival with authorizations and monitoring. Moreover, it reconciles purchases with invoices, allows to attach all supporting documents and includes financial projection.

This company used to develop with Visual FoxPro, when we ask Guillermo Aletti why they chose to migrate from FoxPro to OpenXava, he tells us:

"Visual FoxPro make me feel comfortable, moreover it had a rapid development approach, that likes me because writing thousands of lines of code is a nonsense when you have alternatives. But Microsoft discontinued it, so I'm not going to choose a Microsoft language anymore.

I evaluated Java, I like its concepts. But Java was very tiresome, like UI design for desktop, HTML or JavaSCript. The time and lines of code was too much for me. Then I hired a Java programmer to start with a development and I started to study OpenXava at the same time. I wanted to advance in parallel with the two technologies and in some moment to compare them and choose one.

Well, the result was overwhelming! When we meet to see the progress, I had the application almost finished and my programmer barely had passed the first steps, he had not anything visible, we finally understand that it was impossible to keep the deadlines with the traditional Java programming."

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