Class EditorsResources

  • public class EditorsResources
    extends java.lang.Object
    Utility used from JSP files to include JS and CSS files for editors. Between 4.5 and 6.6 it was named EditorsJS.
    Javier Paniza
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      static java.util.Collection<java.lang.String> listCSSFiles​(java.lang.String realPath)  
      static java.util.Collection<java.lang.String> listJSFiles​(java.lang.String realPath)  
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      • EditorsResources

        public EditorsResources()
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      • listCSSFiles

        public static java.util.Collection<java.lang.String> listCSSFiles​(java.lang.String realPath)
      • listJSFiles

        public static java.util.Collection<java.lang.String> listJSFiles​(java.lang.String realPath)