Interface ILiberate

  • public interface ILiberate
    Cualquier cosa que atrape recurso y tenga que liberarlos.

    It is a approximation to work with object that have to trap and release resources (connections to remote object, databases, etc). The resources are obtained on demmand (lazy initialization) and when you wish to release you can call to liberate().
    RemoteException is used to allow implement by a remote object, although this is not mandatory.

    Javier Paniza
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      • liberate

        void liberate()
               throws java.rmi.RemoteException
        Liberate all catched resources.

        It is important to call this method when you do not need any more this object, although can be called in any momment of object life cycle. After you call this method the object continues being usable.

        java.rmi.RemoteException - Any problem releasing resources