Interface IVectorTableModel

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    public interface IVectorTableModel
    extends javax.swing.table.TableModel
    TableModel that allows put and get all data in Vector format.

    The data type of each position depends on the concreteTableModel, but typically is a object array (one by column).
    The vector is assigned vy reference (copy is not made).

    Javier Paniza
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      java.util.Vector getVector()
      Vector with data contained in model.
      void setVector​(java.util.Vector vector)
      Set vector with model data.
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      • getVector

        java.util.Vector getVector()
        Vector with data contained in model.
        [!= null]
      • setVector

        void setVector​(java.util.Vector vector)
        Set vector with model data.
        vector - If null empty vector is assumed.