Class HibernateCompositeTypeConverter

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      void setValue0​(java.lang.Object v)  
      void setValue1​(java.lang.Object v)  
      void setValue2​(java.lang.Object v)  
      void setValue3​(java.lang.Object v)  
      void setValue4​(java.lang.Object v)  
      void setValue5​(java.lang.Object v)  
      void setValue6​(java.lang.Object v)  
      void setValue7​(java.lang.Object v)  
      void setValue8​(java.lang.Object v)  
      void setValue9​(java.lang.Object v)  
      void setValuesCount​(int count)  
      void toDB​(java.lang.Object o)
      First call to this method sending to it the java object that you wish to split, and after you can obtain the splited object acceding to properties.
      java.lang.Object toJava()
      First it's required to set value for properties (with data in DB format), and after call to toJava to obtain a Java object created from this proprerties.
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    • Constructor Detail

      • HibernateCompositeTypeConverter

        public HibernateCompositeTypeConverter()
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      • setValuesCount

        public void setValuesCount​(int count)
      • setValue0

        public void setValue0​(java.lang.Object v)
      • setValue1

        public void setValue1​(java.lang.Object v)
      • setValue2

        public void setValue2​(java.lang.Object v)
      • setValue3

        public void setValue3​(java.lang.Object v)
      • setValue4

        public void setValue4​(java.lang.Object v)
      • setValue5

        public void setValue5​(java.lang.Object v)
      • setValue6

        public void setValue6​(java.lang.Object v)
      • setValue7

        public void setValue7​(java.lang.Object v)
      • setValue8

        public void setValue8​(java.lang.Object v)
      • setValue9

        public void setValue9​(java.lang.Object v)