Class Date3Converter

  • All Implemented Interfaces:, IMultipleConverter

    public class Date3Converter
    extends java.lang.Object
    implements IMultipleConverter
    In java a java.util.Date and in database 3 columns of integer type.

    Javier Paniza
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      int getDay()  
      int getMonth()  
      int getYear()  
      void setDay​(int i)  
      void setMonth​(int i)  
      void setYear​(int i)  
      void toDB​(java.lang.Object objetoJava)
      First call to this method sending to it the java object that you wish to split, and after you can obtain the splited object acceding to properties.
      java.lang.Object toJava()
      First it's required to set value for properties (with data in DB format), and after call to toJava to obtain a Java object created from this proprerties.
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      • Date3Converter

        public Date3Converter()
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      • getYear

        public int getYear()
      • getDay

        public int getDay()
      • getMonth

        public int getMonth()
      • setYear

        public void setYear​(int i)
      • setDay

        public void setDay​(int i)
      • setMonth

        public void setMonth​(int i)