Interface IModelCalculator

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    ModelPropertyCalculator, UUIDCalculator

    public interface IModelCalculator
    extends ICalculator
    Calculator that receives a model object (entity or aggregate) that is used as source to execute the calculation.

    This type of calculator is used to generate calculated properties code on generate EntityBeans or POJO model class and to calculate the property values in the tab. Also it can be used for calculate in user interface.

    Only for EJB2 (classic) version:
    Within a EntityBean this calculator receives the bean itself, while in the tab it recevies the remote object. So if we want that this calculator can be used within EntityBean and in the tab the better way is used one interface that is implemented by remote interface and bean class, and use this interface on cast within calculator. The OpenXava EJB code generator creates a interfaz that is implemented by both, and it can be used for this.

    Javier Paniza
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        void setModel​(java.lang.Object model)
               throws java.rmi.RemoteException
        The model object that contains the member that uses the calculator.