Micronest, a company from Ouagadougou, has developed using OpenXava a complete ERP for Healthcare institutions called MicronestHealth. It is used currently in Burkina Faso (West Africa).

GC & Asoc. Sistemas

GC & Asoc. Sistemas is a company from Argentina devoted to develop custom-made business applications with OpenXava. They have developed using OpenXava several customized ERPs and CRMs currently used by Argentinian companies.

Label Key

SIGO is an application to manage companies of gambling sector. It is focussed in optimizing work methods and collaboration, automating most of the typical tasks of a gambling company. SIGO has been developed using OpenXava by Label Key, a company from Madrid.


GIOS is an OpenXava application to manage security companies (shift scheduling, staff management, invoicing, vehicles, weapons, etc) and medical assistance (doctors and assistants shifts, assistance instruments, vehicles, control posts, etc.) that is currently used in several Colombian companies.


This company from Dominican Republic developed using OpenXava a complete ERP with finance, human resources, payroll, inventory management, sales, work orders, business intelligence, reports, etc. This ERP is in production since 2012 and it's offered as a service in the cloud since 2014 with dozens of companies using it currently. Some customers are big ones with millions of records in the tables.

City of Fuenlabrada

The local government of Fuenlabrada (Spain) has used OpenXava to develop: Electoral process, to count the participation by polling station. Visit control, to record all the visits to the city hall including printing the visitor pass card. Several forms to be used directly by citizens in the city internet site.

GSE Sistemas

This company from Venezuela is specialized in weighing systems for food industry, iron and steel industry, etc. Their OpenXava applications access to legacy databases in Oracle, SQL Server, PostgreSQL and MySQL of ERP systems such as SAP, etc. Moreoever, they has developed with OpenXava a bovine livestock auction application that manages purchases and prints contracts.


This company developed Apex, a leading Payroll/Human Resource management system with OpenXava. Apex is already deployed and running in Nigeria currently. Their biggest client is Borno State Government, with about 30,000 employees being managed by their application. Apex is also being used by Baptist mission schools, one of the largest christian denomination in the country.


This Indian company has developed KnowView using OpenXava. KnownView is an enterprise class academic collaboration suite that enables students, faculty, staff and management to access real-time information and connects them. It is an adaptable solution serving allsizes and types of institutions from universities,colleges, schools to multi-campus establishments.

Harvard Medical School

The Center for Biomedical Informatics of Hardvard, Cambridge (Massachusetts), has developed using OpenXava the next applications: Clinical avatars. WarfarinDosage Predictions.

Visuales Caribe

Visuales Caribe is a software development company servicing Credit Unions in Puerto Rico. They have used OpenXava to develop the applications: Operational management of saving and credit cooperatives. Operational management of consumer cooperatives. Management of service requests.

City of Lausanne

The city of Lausanne (Switzerland) has developed with OpenXava: Health insurance control management. Waste centers access cards management. Financial participations management. City tax. Water quantity & quality reporting for big customers. Fuel tanks control. Land registry. Dog owners tax. Social financial help legacy database. Social insurances. Society tax. Private persons tax.

City of Gavà

The local government of Gavà (Spain) has used OpenXava to develop: CRM for the companies support center. CRM for the social services department. Electoral process. Animal cencus. Buyer profile. School budget City information point. gavaciutat.cat directory. Street map management. Society record. Wedding schedule. Furniture collection schedule. Cession of vehicles. Blue zone resident card. Citizen complaints and suggestions.

Pragmatic Test Labs

Pragmatic Test Labs creates and customizes software test management and defect management tools to address various issues in software testing projects and make the software testing pragmatic and efficient. This company from Sri Lanka has developed qaManager using OpenXava. qaManager is a web application for managing software quality assurance projects/teams effectively and efficiently. It's open source.

Gestión Cuatrocientos

This Spanish company has developed the next applications using OpenXava: City cencus. Personnel and payroll. Inventory and wealth for Spanish public sector. Local police. File workflow for city hall. Record of input and output document in a city hall. Traffic fines. Employment bureau for hospitals. Elections. Cemetery. Risky animal record. Social services. Presence control.