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This is the simplest case, a class with plain properties. You can see how a very simple code can produce a running application.


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A little invoicing application developed writing only 4 simple Java classes. Includes the video when you can see how this application is developed from scratch.

Teacher on iPad

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Accessing from an iPad, an OpenXava application looks and behaves like a native iPad application.

The iPad style only works when you access from an iPad.

Learn more about iPad support

Invoice on iPhone/Android

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An OpenXava application can look and behave like a native mobile application from the same source code.

This feature requires the XavaPhone add-on.


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In Product you have a combo that depends on other combo values and an image gallery with only an annotation.

Invoicing with login and menu

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This demo uses NaviOX for providing login and menu to the OpenXava application, this is an alternative to deploy the application on Liferay. User: test, password: test.


These demos only show some basic features of OpenXava

For learning more advanced possibilities go to the documentation