Add user management, menu and a better look & feel to your OpenXava applications.

A simple Tomcat is enough

You no longer need to use Liferay to have security and navigation in your OpenXava application. NaviOX is faster than Liferay because it does not add any overload to the original performance of your application. Moreover, you can deploy your application in the already existing servers of your organization or in the cloud using Elastic BeansTalk, Heruko, etc.

Easy to use

Just a menu with all the modules on the left and the links of the latest used modules on top.

Users, roles and modules

NaviOX adds to your application the modules: Users, Roles and Modules, and the corresponding tables to your database. You can assign users to roles and roles to modules. Also you can define a module as public (always available for everybody) or hidden (never available).

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